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Pelvis-targeting radiotherapy safe for prostate cancer patients

A form of radiotherapy targeting the pelvis is safe for men with advanced localised prostate cancer, according to a new study.

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Twice a day radiotherapy halves treatment time and is equally good at treating small cell lung cancer

Having radiotherapy once a day for six and a half weeks or twice a day for three weeks – with chemotherapy – is equally good at treating small cell lung cancer.

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Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy improves survival for patients with rare brain tumour

Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy delays further growth of a rare type of brain tumour, increasing the number of patients alive at five years.

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Radiation experts unite to streamline cancer clinical trials

Experts from our Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre network are pioneering a new system to reduce the time taken to set up clinical trials involving radiation.

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New treatment hope for one of the deadliest childhood cancers

Cance Research UK doctors have launched a trial which offers a new type of molecular radiotherapy for one of the deadliest childhood cancers.

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