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Together we are beating cancer

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By 2030, if current trends continue, cancer death rates will have dropped substantially, according to our experts.

We think that’s pretty exciting.

It’s mainly down to improving diagnosis and care, but also reflects a fall in smoking-related cancers (there are fourteen of those at least by the way).  All of this means more people surviving their cancer.

So, here come the stats:

For all cancers, 170 people in every 100,000 died from the disease in 2010

By 2030 it’s predicted this will fall to 142 in every 100,000.

That works out as an impressive 17 per cent drop.

But we know there’s still so much to do to reach a day when no-one dies prematurely from cancer. Some cancers, like lung cancer, oesophageal cancer and certain children’s cancers, have lagged behind.

We continue to rely on the public’s generosity to accelerate the progress we’ve made so far.

We need you to help us translate discoveries made in our science labs into clinical treatments faster and to carry out more clinical trials to find the very best ways to treat patients.

There are now more exciting opportunities to develop treatments than at any other time in history and we must take these chances now.

Our aim is to bring forward the day that no-one prematurely loses their life to this devastating.

It’s research that’s driving this. We think research is the answer.

Our research is funded by you. Thanks for your help.