More young Brits than ever before are tanning themselves on sunbeds, despite repeated warnings of the dangers of skin cancer, according to leading charity Cancer Research UK.

“What worries us most is the growing evidence of a link between sunbed use and skin cancer”, says Sara Hiom, Cancer Information Expert. “People know the risks but are ignoring them in the quest for a tan.”

The Sunbed Association, which represents operators, manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, has designated today as the first National Sunbed Awareness Day to educate and inform consumers.

Sara Hiom says: “We know a quarter of 16-24 year-olds used a sunbed last year and that even occasional use can result in cancer, eye damage and suppression of the immune system.

“The only advice people need to know is don’t do it. There is no such thing as a safe tan.”



Cancer Research UK has teamed up with the Department of Health to promote sun protection messages as part of its SunSmart campaign.

SunSmart aims to encourage more people to protect themselves and their children from the sun’s harmful rays and so reduce their risk of skin cancer.

The SunSmart campaign will be distributing posters, leaflets and information cards to health professionals, doctors’ surgeries and schools.