Cancer Research UK today launched a revolutionary new way for people to donate to the charity. Called MyProjects, the new online service allows people to choose a specific cancer research project that matches their particular reasons for giving. The site also keeps them informed about the impact their support is making.

By donating via MyProjects, supporters can now give money to research childhood leukaemia, breast, prostate, bowel or lung cancer or fund cancer information nurses. People who use the service are able to see exactly where their money will be spent, and can track how much has been raised for a particular research project. The website includes videos of cancer patients and scientists explaining more about the project and just how important they are in helping to beat cancer.

Kevin Waudby, head of innovation at Cancer Research UK, said: “MyProjects is a great initiative. We know many of our supporters give to us because of a personal experience with cancer. MyProjects means many people can now personalise their giving by choosing a project that’s relevant to them.

“It also enables supporters to clearly see what their money is funding and how their chosen project is progressing, which may be particularly welcome at this time when people are more aware than ever of how they are spending their money.”

The current projects available are:

  • Leukaemia research – Professor Vaskar Saha’s work offers hope to children with an acute form of Leukaemia who cannot currently be treated successfully.
  • Prostate cancer – One of Cancer Research UK’s goals for 2020 is to develop better treatments with fewer side effects. Professor Simon Mackay’s drug discovery programme could bring us closer to achieving this goal.
  • Breast cancer – Professor David Stott’s team is currently carrying out crucial lab studies to understand the natural immune response against breast cancer. This will lay the foundations for developing new and effective vaccines to treat and help prevent the disease in the future.
  • Lung cancer – Dr Corinne Faivre-Finn is leading a major international clinical trial aiming to improve the treatment of a form of lung cancer called small cell lung cancer (SCLC).
  • Bowel cancer – Professor Matt Seymour is leading a large clinical trial, the results of which will help shape the future treatment of people with advanced bowel cancer, helping to improve their outlook and quality of life.
  • Cancer Information Nurses – Support the nurses who provide vital information to thousands of people affected by cancer.

The MyProjects website is easy to use and will be kept updated with the latest developments with each project. Users are able to post a comment with their donation about why they are supporting their chosen area. Supporters will also be able to set up a ‘giving group’ to enable their friends and family to support their chosen project.

For more information visit MyProjects.


For further information, please call the Cancer Research UK press office 020 7061 8315 or, out-of-hours, the duty press officer on 07050 264 059.


About Cancer Research UK

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  • Cancer Research UK carries out world-class research to improve understanding of the disease and find out how to prevent, diagnose and treat different kinds of cancer.
  • Cancer Research UK ensures that its findings are used to improve the lives of all cancer patients.
  • Cancer Research UK helps people to understand cancer, the progress that is being made and the choices each person can make.
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