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Has Jade Goody’s death affected people’s attitudes to cancer?

by Kat Arney | Analysis

5 May 2009

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jade goody
Has Jade's story affected the way that people think about cancer?

Now that the photographers and TV crews have packed away their cameras, it’s time to take a look at the impact Jade Goody’s death has had on awareness of cervical cancer.

To find out, Cancer Research UK – along with The Daily Mirror – have launched a survey, led by Dr Jo Waller from the Health Behaviour Research Centre at University College London.   The research aims to reveal whether Jade’s story has changed the way people think about cancer, and if they are doing anything differently to prevent the disease.

Dr Waller says “This survey will give us an idea of how much people have been following the story. But, more importantly, it will indicate how much they have learned about cancer and whether their attitudes have changed.”

By understanding more about people’s attitudes towards cancer – and how they respond to stories in the news – we will be able to develop more effective ways to communicate vital messages about cancer prevention and screening.

The survey is quick to fill in, but it will provide our researchers with valuable information.   Please spare a few minutes to help Dr Waller and her team with their research. Thank you.