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Don’t give up on your New Year’s Resolution just yet!

by Misha Gajewski | Analysis

1 February 2016

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We know sticking to a New Years resolution can be an uphill battle, especially when it comes to giving up smoking. So to give everyone who’s trying to stop a little bit of motivation to keep going, we’ve put together our top 10 inspirational and informative posts. We hope this arms you with a bit more knowledge, and gives you that extra push to help you stick to your resolution.

1. De-mystifying stop smoking services

mel powell_hero

Melanie Powell hasn’t had a cigarette since 2012. Image courtesy of Melanie Powell

If you’ve ever had reservations about going to your local Stop Smoking Service, fear no more – Melanie Powell, mother of two from Wiltshire, tell us what they’re really about, and how they helped her kick the habit.

2. National No Smoking Day: don’t quit quitting


National No Smoking Day – 9th March – is just around the corner. A few years ago, we marked the day by looking at the different methods out there to help keep you on track.

3. Constant craving: how science can help smokers to quit


Ever wondered why you crave cigarettes? Well wonder no more! In this interview, one of Cancer Research UK’s leading experts on addiction looks at what the science says.

4. National No Smoking Day: Mark’s story


Mark had a few tries at quitting smoking, but this time he’s sure it’s for good.

If Mark can quit you can too!

5. Roll your own cigarettes: how dangerous are they?

Which cigarettes are more harmful, roll your own or manufactured ones? The answer may surprise you.

6. National No Smoking Day: Gower’s story


Gower stopped smoking and now he runs marathons, in a shoe costume no less. This could be you… minus the shoe costume, of course.

7. Lucy Briers – My father Richard’s life was cut short by tobacco

Richard and Lucy Briers

Lucy and Richard Briers

Don’t let tobacco cut your life short.

8. Smokers underestimate nicotine cravings


Underestimating cravings could be your downfall but not if you read this article.

9. Visions for the future: quitting smoking


Take a look at the possible futuristic ways that could one day help smokers quit.

10. Healthy Lifestyles Mark Bates

Mark Bates stopped smoking after 44 years. If that’s not inspiration we don’t know what is.

And to help more smokers stop please support our campaign to make the industry cough up 1p for every cigarette sold. The extra money will help Stop Smoking Services around the country. Add your name to the petition by going to: