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Cancer Research Matters – Stigma, hope and TRACERx

by Phil Prime | Podcast

1 November 2022

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Cancer Research Matters provokes conversation around cancer science, how it shapes our understanding of the disease and the challenges we face as we develop therapies.

This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series Cancer Research Matters - series 1

The first series focusses on the 20th anniversary of CRUK – we’ll be winding back the clock on some of the great discoveries and breakthroughs made in the past two decades and asking some leading names where they think we’ll be in another 20 years.

This episode features Professor Charles Swanton. Charlie is Cancer Research UK’s Chief Clinician and his lab at the Francis Crick Institute studies lung cancer tumour heterogeneity and maps the evolutionary pathways at work as cancers evolve and change.

He talks about the profound changes in the way the research community thinks about lung cancer, the power of the translational mind-set and delves into the flagship project, TRACERx.

He also talks briefly about his lab’s growing interest in the mechanistic links between air pollution and lung cancer in never smokers.



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ScottishPower and Cancer Research UK, working together for a greener, healthier future
Our longstanding partner ScottishPower is helping us shine a light on the role air pollution plays in cancer and are covering the cost of a study called TOPICAL.  ScottishPower is 100% committed to helping tackle climate change and our partnership reflects our shared interest in a greener, healthier future.