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Lilly studied natural sciences at the University of Nottingham, majoring in biology and physical geography. After working as a project coordinator for a hospital charity, she completed a Master’s in science communication at Imperial College London. She joined the digital news team at Cancer Research UK in December 2019, writing for the science blog and creating short science films and animations.

Cancer research in 2020: A spotlight on Manchester

2020 has certainly been tough, and no industry has been left untouched by the effects of the pandemic. And while the same undoubtedly goes for our work, we’ve once again been inspired by the resilience and determination of our researchers.

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The long road to targeting the holy grail of the immune response

A team of our scientists at University College London have developed a potential new immunotherapy drug and caused another paradigm shift in our understanding of how cancer immunotherapy works.

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An existing blood test for ovarian cancer has been re-evaluated. The results are in

Researchers have found an existing ovarian cancer blood test is far more predictive than originally thought and could potentially pick up other forms of cancer.

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The team of over 60 scientists investigating the age-old mystery of inflammation and cancer

This entry is part 24 of 26 in the series Cancer Grand Challenges

We spoke to 3 members of the global STORMing Cancer team about their work to solve the mystery of inflammation and cancer.

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The changing landscape of children’s cancer treatment

We spoke to Professor Lou Chesler and Dr Lynley Marshall about the innovative studies that are aiming to make children’s cancer treatment more tailored.

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Grandparents of children with cancer: “I would never want to go through it again”

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we spoke to 3 grandparents about their experience of having a grandchild with cancer.

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News digest – skin cancer deaths, Public Health England plans and ‘one-shot’ radiotherapy

The latest figures on skin cancer deaths reveal a 150% rise in skin cancer deaths since the 1970’s

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The team tackling the serious side effects of cancer treatment in an ageing population

We spoke to the team looking into the complex relationship between the gut microbiome and radiosensitisation in bladder cancer.

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COVID-19: “We’ve got so much on our plates”

We caught up with two of our researchers about how COVID-19 has impacted their work, and what the next few months looks like for them.

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Cytosponge: A ‘sponge on a string’ test to detect oesophageal cancer earlier

Looking at the latest results from the BEST3 trial, analysing the ‘sponge-on-a-string’ test to detect oesophageal cancer earlier.

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