Together we will beat cancer


This year marks 20 years since Cancer Research UK was formed. However, our history goes back much further, to 1902, with the founding of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

From proving the link between smoking and cancer to laying the foundations for modern radiotherapy – our scientists have been at the forefront of cancer research for 120 years. To see more of our research highlights, visit our achievements timeline and our milestones series.

Into the archives: the story of HPV and cervical cancer

From strengthening the understanding of the link between HPV and cervical cancer, to working towards reducing cervical cancer to the point where almost no one develops it, our history with this particular disease goes way back.

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How the history of medicine influenced our perception of cancer

From the language we use to talk about cancer, to the cancer types that receive the most funding, there’s a lot that we don’t realise has been hugely influenced by the past

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Latest episode of our podcast for researchers

Cancer Research Matters is a podcast from Cancer Research UK featuring some of the incredible researchers behind cancer research

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Investing in volunteers since 2002: The tale of time

This is the story of time. Of minutes and days which turn into months and years. The story of our 33,000 time-givers.

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Making real change: 4 ways we’ve influenced cancer policy

From restricting sunbed use for under 18s, to banning smoking at work and in public places, here are 4 ways we’ve influenced cancer policy and made real change.

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Why haven’t we cured cancer? – That Cancer Conversation

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series That Cancer Conversation

This latest episode features 3 guests who explore why the idea of a cancer cure is so complex, but why there is still so much to be hopeful about.

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Latest episode of our podcast for cancer researchers

Cancer Research Matters provokes conversation around cancer science, how it shapes our understanding of the disease and the challenges we face as we develop therapies

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A new approach to cancer immunotherapy

Forty years ago, hints of a new component of the immune system caused a stir. Here, we chart the story of gamma delta T cells from discovery to clinical trials…

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Our new strategy to make discoveries, drive progress, and bring hope

We are launching a new strategy to help us make new discoveries and bring about a world where everyone lives longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer.

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Diving into our role in 50 top cancer drugs

To mark 20 years since the merger of the Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, we’ve delved into the research of the charities’ that led to many of the drugs in use today.

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