Together we will beat cancer


Opinion: The Government should not be choosing between investing in staff or equipment

As the Conservative leadership campaign continues towards its finale, our next Prime Minister must make cancer a priority

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New reports show staff shortages continue to hold back cancer care

New reports highlight the impact of workforce issues on the ongoing patient backlog and patient outcomes across UK nations.  

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NHS ‘understaffed and underequipped’ to tackle cancer, say 3 in 4 people

A new poll, carried out by YouGov, has revealed that three quarters of the UK public think the NHS is understaffed and underequipped to tackle cancer

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More than 65,000 people are left waiting to find out if it’s cancer each month

New calculations from Cancer Research UK estimate that, on average, over 65,000 people in England are left waiting longer than 28 days to find out whether they have cancer each month.

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Reduction in women screened for breast cancer between 2020 and 2021, NHS report finds

A new report by NHS Digital reveals how breast screening services were impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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