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Cancer Research Matters – Break beat

by Phil Prime | Podcast

20 January 2023

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Cancer Research Matters provokes conversation around cancer science, how it shapes our understanding of the disease and the challenges we face as we develop therapies.

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Cancer Research Matters - series 1

The first series focusses on the 20th anniversary of CRUK – we’ll be winding back the clock on some of the great discoveries and breakthroughs made in the past two decades and asking some leading names where they think we’ll be in another 20 years.

This episode features Dr Simon Boulton. Simon is a leader in the field of DNA damage sensing, repair and telomere maintenance. He is Principal Group Leader and Assistant Research Director of translation at the Francis Crick Institute, and Director of Radnet, City of London – a CRUK initiative focused on improving radiation treatment for cancer patients. Simon is also co-founder and Vice President of Science Strategy of the spin-out Artios Pharma and Chair of CRUK’s Discovery Research Committee.

He talks about the dawn of the field of DNA damage repair, why an entrepreneurial approach to your research is so valuable and the importance of venture capital in the innovation landscape.




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