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Gabi studied cellular and molecular medicine at the University of Bristol, focusing on cancer biology and immunology. After a stint at a diagnostics lab in Madagascar she completed a Master’s in science communication at Imperial College London. She joined the News and Content team at Cancer Research UK in 2016, where she spends her days blogging as well as making science films and animations.

Artificial intelligence could help breast screening save more lives

We’ve helped Google Health with AI research which has the potential to improve breast cancer screening and save the NHS time and money.

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News digest – NHS avoidable delays, sugary festive drinks, hair dye and mistletoe

In the news this week: our stats show 1 in 4 people are experience avoidable delays for their cancer diagnosis and festive hot drinks are loaded with sugar.

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News digest – A&E diagnoses, teen inactivity, NHS staff shortages and arthritis drugs

In the news this week: an arthritis drug has stopped breast cancer spreading to bones in mice and teens across the globe are not doing enough physical activity.

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Urine tests: detecting cancer in pee

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Detecting cancer early

We speak to our scientists who are developing urine tests that aim to detect bladder and pancreatic cancer earlier.

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News digest – cancer waiting times, complementary treatments, obesity and a NASA-style training for cancer patients?

In the news this week: experts suggest cancer patients to be given a NASA-style training before chemo.

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What makes a cancer test?

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Detecting cancer early

A successful cancer test needs to reliably detect ‘red-flag’ molecules produced by the cancer and be cheap so it can be used to screen thousands of people.

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Revolutionising radiotherapy: making a cornerstone cancer treatment more personal and powerful

We’re investing £56 million into radiotherapy research that will be carried out by a network of specialist institutes across the UK.

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Womb cancer stats reveal treatment variation across England

Our new stats show a staggering variation in treatment plans for women diagnosed with womb cancer across England.

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Predicting lung cancer’s return at surgery

New lung cancer research shows that detecting potential tumour cells leaving the vein in the lung at surgery may predict the diseases return.

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News digest – alcohol pricing success, cancer treatment experience, European drug approval and garlic

In the news this week: a new breed of cancer drug is approved in Europe and minimum pricing of alcohol in Scotland is cutting drinking rates.

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