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In this month’s podcast there’s good news for UK cancer trials, as our network of Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres gets a £35 million funding boost, and we take a look at the latest research in understanding why some breast cancers are resistant to treatment.

The clock is ticking for the tobacco industry, as there are just 100 days until tobacco displays are removed in supermarkets, so we find out why this legislation is so important in the fight against cancer.

The immune system protects us against infection by bacteria and viruses, but can it be harnessed to fight cancer? We take a look at how far we’ve come in understanding the immune system and its role in cancer, and find out about the latest progress in immunotherapy – using a patient’s own immune system to fight tumours.

Plus, we discuss reports that processed meat – including bacon – increases pancreatic cancer risk, and get a glimpse of what 2012 holds for some of our top researchers.

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